Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley
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(9 Oc (Dog) / 13 Yaxk’in (New Sun) – 230/260 –

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Montauk surf
  • Thelema (Greek for willpower)
    • tracks _Pure Thelema_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache and _Olympiads Of Thelema_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkAmbient Temple Of internal linkImagination
  • spoken word release _The Great Beast Speaks – Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings Of Aleister Crowley_
    • _The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochian)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (1:57)
    • The Call of the First Aethyr (English Version)
    • The Call of the Second Aethyr (Enochian Version)
    • _The Call Of The Second Aethyr (English)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (1:12)
    • _La Gitana_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:50)
    • _The Pentagram_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:59)
    • _One Sovereign For The Woman_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:58)
    • _The Poet_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:50)
    • _At Sea_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:45)
    • _The Fingernails_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (1:36)
    • _The Titanic_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (0:38)
    • _Hymn To The American People_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (2:43)
    • _Excerpts From The Gnostic Mass_ MP3 (112k)atomjacked inventory cache(2:07)
    • _Vive La French Republic_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (2:15)
  • He was a internal linkchess master
  • member of the internal linkHermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn
  • He and his followers were expelled from Mussolini’s Italy in 1923.
  • visisted internal linkMontauk in 1918

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Rodin and his allegorical sculpture plays a great part in _StrangerIn A Strange Land_ by Robert A. Heinlein, particularly the uncut version. On pages 395-399 of Stranger, Jubal gives Ben a first class lesson on Rodin and allegorical sculpture. Not mentioned is that Rodin and Crowley were strong mutual admirers. In fact, Rodin was so taken by young Crowley and his poetry that he extended an invitation for a collaboration of poetry and sculpture which lasted for several projects.

_The Confessions of Aleister Crowley_, p. 338-345

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personally, i’m neutral on Crowley. i think he was one of the first visible over-the-top rebels. the victorian age can do that to you. he was wild and not very clever in his expressions, but he did reach memetic internal linkcritical mass. i think he’s an important step in the road to progressive thinking – the big explosion out of a very static and wound era. to actively pursue internal linkheresy takes a lot of guts.
@Om* 1/3/01

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Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin as internal linkmeme instigator through modern music. The band internal linkfused medieval and internal linkCeltic folk and imagery with ego driven stadium rock.

following information from an issue of _In The Light – The Led Zeppelin Newsletter_ ( October 1996) edited by MacGregor Mathers aka Theolyn Brock

Jimmy Page 1975
  • In 1971, Jimmy Page bought Boleskine House, Crowley’s former hunting lodge and Scottish retreat.
  • Jimmy Page’s daughter was named Scarlet Lilith Eleida Page, born March 1971. The Scarlet Woman was, “a technical term complementary to that of the Beast for the office held by any directly inspired female medium of the gods.” [from the editor’s notes, _The Confessions_.] Furthermore, Crowley used one of the names “Lilith” for his first child.
  • internal linkvinyl etching on _Led Zeppelin III_ 12″atomjacked inventory cache (1970) – side a – “Do What Thou Wilt”, side b – “So Mote Be It”
  • Crowley wrote a poem entitled “The May Queen”. this was referred to in the track _Stairway To Heaven_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache off of _Led Zeppelin IV_ 12″atomjacked inventory cache 1971
  • In a W. Someret Maugham’s novel, _The Magician_, the character, Oliver Haddo was based on Aleister Crowley. The opening scene takes place in the “Chien Noir” [French for Black Dog]. The Black Dog in this novel is a take-off on the real “Chat Blanc” [White Cat], a small restaurant in Montparnasse [France]. track _Black Dog_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache was supposedly inspired by a real, old Black Labrador who wandered on the scene. On the IV album, inner gatefold cover, put Barrington Colby work _View in Half or Varying internal linkLight_ up to a mirror and view the “Black Dog”.
  • In 1973, Jimmy Page outbid Kenneth Anger for an Aleister Crowley book, _The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz a.k.a. Bagh-i-Muattar_ (1914).
    Kenneth Anger
    • Page suggested “Swang Song” as the title of Led Zeppelin’s record company. Aleister Crowley sometimes called himself Paramahansa (the divine Swan). Aleister wrote “and the wild swan sings ever; and my heart sings ever.” [The Electric Silence] The Swan is the spirit of internal linkecstasy and symbolizes the eternal self.
      • In 1976, Jimmy Page opened a bookshop and named it The Equinox. The bookstore sold Crowley paraphernalia and had the Stele of Revealing in tapestry form in the window.
      • Led Zeppelin’s album, _Presence_ 12″atomjacked inventory cache (1976), featured a strange object of the cover— an obelisk that many wondered what it was, and what it was supposed to symbolize. In the ‘of the Furnishings of the Temple’ section in internal link_Magick and Theory and Practice_, an obelisk is mentioned. When speaking about what should be on the altar, Aleister states, “on each side of it should be a pillar or obelisk, with countercharges in black and white.” [p.345]


      Presence of mind
      • The Old Absinthe Bar in New Orleans (located at 400 Bourbon Street) was rumored to have been the set-up or at least the inspiration for the cover scenes of _In Through the Out Door_. Led Zeppelin was known to be fond of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Crowley also held a certain fondness for the Old Absinthe House as he recalls, “I took a room convieniently close to the Old Absinthe House, where one could get internal linkreal absinthe prepared in fountains whose marble was worn by 90 years’ continual dripping.” The Old Absinthe House inspired Aleister Crowley’s essay “The internal linkGreen Goddess”. Today, if you go to the Old Absinthe Bar there is a picture on the wall of Jimmy and his ex-wife, supposedly accompanied by a story of how they met there.
      • Jimmy Page’s solo album was titled _Outrider_. There is a mention in _Diary of a Drug Fiend_, “Oh Thou Outrider of the internal linkSun, that spurrest the bloody flanks of the wind! I adore Thee, Evoe! I adore Thee, IAO!” [p.27 Diary of a Drug Fiend]. IAO stands for internal linkIsis, Apophis, and internal linkOsirisinternal linkEgyptian gods].

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      • “every man and every woman is a star” – Crowley – third law of Thelema
        • “every atom in every person was once part of a star…” – from the film internal link_Gattaca_ (vhs/ntsc) atomjacked inventory cache (1997)
        • internal linkambient house track internal link_Lights In My internal linkBrain MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Ultramarine off of _Every Man & Woman Is A Star_ on Darla (1992)
        • track _We Are All Made Of Stars_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Moby (2002)
          • house track _We Are All Made Of Stars (Timo Maas internal linkDub Mix)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
      • release _666_ CD by Aleister Crowley on Dressed To (2000)
        • _Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
        • _Love Is The Law-Love Under Will_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
        • _Sigil Of The Master Therion_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
        • _666-418-93_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
        • _The Scourge, The Dagger And The Chain_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
        • _Aning Ning Ning_
        • internal link_Osiris Risen_
      Gattaca The Universe Is A Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

      internal linkYouth: are you saying that the star is aware of what it is doing?



      Thomas: Well, yes and no. But let’s think about it a moment. We are the self-reflexion of the universe. We allow the universe to know and feel itself. So the universe is aware of itself through self-reflexitve mind, which unfurles in the human. We were brought forth so that these experiences of beauty could enter awareness. The primeval fireball existed for twenty billion years without self-awareness. The creative work of the supernovas existed for billions of years without self-reflexive awareness. That star could not, by itself, become aware of its own beauty or sacrifice. But the star can, through us, reflect back on itself. In a sense, you are the star. Look at your hand – do you claim it as your own? Every element was forged in temperatures a million times hotter than molten rock, each atom fashioned in the blazing heat of the star. Your eyes, your briain, your bones, all of you is composed of the star’s creations. You ARE that star, brought into a form of life that enables life to reflect on itself. So, yes: the star DOES know of its great work, of its surrender to allurement, of its stupendous contribution to life, but only through its further articulation – you.

      – _The Universe Is A internal linkGreen internal linkDragon_atomjacked inventory cacheby Brian Swimme

      “All the elements of the Earth except hydrogen and some internal linkhelium have been cooked by a kind of stellar internal linkalchemy billions of years ago in stars, some of which are today inconspicuous white dwarfs on the other side of the internal linkMilky Way Galaxy. The nitrogen in our internal linkDNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

      internal linkCarl Sagan, _Cosmos_

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      “According to Ron Jr., his father considered himself to be the one ‘who came after’; that he was Crowley’s successor; that he had taken on the mantle of the ‘Great Beast’. He told him that Scientology actually began on December the 1st, internal link1947. This was the day Aleister Crowley died.”

      Brent Corydon – _Messiah or Madman_

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      “There are interesting similarities between Crowley’s writings and the teachings of Hubbard. Dianetics’ internal linkTime Track, in which every incident in a person’s life is chronologically recorded in full in the mind, is quite similar to Crowley’s internal linkMagical Memory. The Magical Memory is developed over time until ”internal linkmemories of childhood reawaken which were previously forgotten, and memories of previous incarnations are recalled as well’. Hubbard gives examples in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course of several people remembering lives earlier on earth, some up to a million years ago. The similarity between the Magical Memory and Time Track, then, is that they both can recall every past incident in a person’s life, they both can recall incidents from past lives, and they both must be developed by certain techniques in order to make use of them. Both Hubbard and Crowley consider it important to have the person recall his or her birth.”

      – Jeff Jacobsen, _The Hubbard is Bare_

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      “Both Hubbard and Crowley are avowedly anti-psychiatry.”

      – Jeff Jacobsen, _The Hubbard is Bare_

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      Tibet Dharma Wheel
      The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson

      The most advanced internal linkshamanic techniques – such as internal linkTibetan Tantra or Crowley’s system in the west – work by alternating faith and skepticism until you get beyond the ordinary limits of both. With such systems, one learns how arbitrary are the reality internal linkmaps that can be coded into laryngeal grunts by hominids or visualized by a mammalian nervous system. We can’t even visualize the size of the local galaxy except in special high states. Most people are trapped in one static reality map imprinted on their neurons when they were naive children, as internal linkDr. Leary keeps reminding us. Alas, most so-called “adepts” or “gurus” are similarly trapped in the first postrapture reality map imprinted after their initial Illumination, as Leary also realizes. The point of systems like Tantra, Crowleyanity, and Leary’s Neurologic is to detach from all maps – which gives you the freedom to use any map where it works and drop it where it doesn’t work. As Dogen Zenji said, “Time is three eyes and internal linkeight elbows.”

      Was Crowley a Satanist? Well, he could and did play the Satanist game on occasion, just as he played the Buddhist game, the Taoist game, the Hindu game, the atheist game, and lots of others. It is emphatically not true that his reputation as Satanist and Black Magician was spread entirely by his enemies; he collaborated gleefully in blackening his own character. To understand his motives, you must first understand the role of terror in reimprinting the nervous system for higher, post-terrestrial functioning. Aside from yoga and internal linkpsychedelic drugs, the only method for reimprinting the nervous system is shock, especially near-death trauma. Most shamans are people who have gone through the death-rebirth internal linkprocess, just as in our own society you still find people who have passed through “clinical death,” got revived on the operating table, and came back raving about transtime perspectives and beings of pureinternal linklight. Crowley knew, as many shamans do, that you can get this result (shock and reimprint) quickly with some students by simply scaring the daylights out of them. A classic gimmick is to steadily increased their (repressed) suspicion that the beloved guru, in whom they have stupidly placed blind faith and love, is actually a diabolist out to destroy them, drive them made, or enslave them. Crowley used this technique often. The students who confront their fear and conquer it achieve a higher neurological awareness.
      internal linkRobert Anton Wilson – _The internal linkIlluminati Papers_atomjacked inventory cache

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      “It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take “magical weapons”, pen, ink, and paper; I write “incantations” – these sentences – in the “magical internal linklanguage” i.e., that which is understood by the people I wish to instruct; I call forth “spirits”, such as printers, publishers, booksellers, and so forth, and constrain them to convey my message to these people. The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of internal linkmagick by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.”

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      • track _Mr. Crowley_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Ozzy Osbourne off of _Blizzard Of Ozz_ 12″ (internal link1980)
      • track _The Whole Of The Law_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Yo La Tengo off of _Painful_ (1997)
      • track _Do What You Will_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by The internal linkShamen off of _Drop_ on Communion (1987)
      • track _Civilized Satanist (live)_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache by Pavement

      Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley 12inch (1980)

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      “Within the internal linkmemory of man we have had the Pagan period, the worship of Nature, of internal linkIsis, of the Mother, of the Past; the christian period, the worship of Man, of internal linkOsiris, of the Present. The first period is simple, quiet, easy, and pleasant; the material ignores the spiritual; the second is of suffering and death: the spiritual strives to ignore the material….The new Aeon is the worship of the spiritualmade one with the material, of internal linkHorus, of the Child, of the Future.”

      • track _Osiris Risen_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Aleister Crowley off of _666_ CD on Dressed To (2000)
      Osiris Horus

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      internal linkWhy Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

      Aleister Crowley: Because it was his Will, and therefore the Whole of His Law.

      Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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      The internal linkBeatles – _Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band_ (1967) cover art depicts Crowley, top row, second from left.

      Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band

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      All advanced thinkers, all men who realize the divine plan, desire and internal linkintend the solidarity of humanity; and the patriot in the narrow and infuriated sense of that word is a traitor to the true interest of man. It may be neccessary, now and then, to defend one’s own section of mankind from aggression; but even this should always be done with the mental reservation: “May this war be the nurse of a more solid peace; may this argument lead to a better understanding; may this division lead to a higher union.”… The deliberate antagonizing of nations is the foulest of crimes. It is the Press of the warring nations that, by inflaming the passions of the ignorant, has set Europe by the ears. Had all men been educated and travelled, they would not have listened to those harpy-shreiks. Now the mischief is done, and it is for us to repair it as best we may. This must be our motto: “Humanity First.”

      Source: The Revival Of Magick- Preface “Humanity First” Falcon Publications/OTO 1998

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      “My observations of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and internal linknervous structures that we know; and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make internal linkcontact with such Beings.”


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