Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright
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Wright, Frank Lloyd

Wright (rìt), Frank Lloyd
American architect whose distinctive style, based on natural forms, had a great influence on the modern movement in architecture. His designs include private homes, the Johnson Wax Company Building in Racine, Wisconsin (1939), and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City (1943-1959).

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Wright, Frank Lloyd (1867-1959), American architect, a pioneer in the modern style who is considered one of the greatest figures in 20th-century architecture. He was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin. In 1887 Wright went to Chicago, where he became a designer for the firm of Adler and Sullivan. In 1893 he established his own office in Chicago. Wright created the philosophy of “organic architecture,” which maintains that a building should develop out of its natural surroundings. His designs for both private and public structures were boldly original, and he rebelled against ornate neoclassic and Victorian styles. Wright believed that architectural form must be determined by the particular function of a building, its environment, and the type of materials used. His interiors emphasize spaciousness, which derives from open planning with one room internal linkflowing into another.

Wright initiated many new techniques, such as the use of precast concrete blocks reinforced by steel rods. He also introduced numerous innovations, including air conditioning, indirect internal linklighting, and panel heating. His works include the Millard House (1923) in internal linkPasadena, California; the Johnson Wax Company Administration Building (1939) in Racine, Wisconsin; the First Unitarian Church (internal link1947) in Madison, Wisconsin; and the Price Tower (1953) in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. In 1959 he completed the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City.  Wright also spent much of his internal linktime writing, lecturing, and teaching. By 1908 he had originated most of the principles that serve as fundamental concepts of modern architecture. His work profoundly influenced the development of contemporary architecture in the United States and Europe.

Architecture, 1916

Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel, completed by Frank Lloyd Wright near the Imperial Palace with internal linkMayan architectural features, is ornate and sprawling but soundly engineered.

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Before her marriage to Frank Lloyd Wright, Olgivanna Hinzenberg studied under internal linkGeorgei Gurdjieff. She is shown spinning through one of Gurdjieff’s sacred dances, ritual works inspired by internal linkwhirling dervishes and internal linkintended to discipline both mind and body. Olgivanna studied with Gurdjieff in France before traveling with his internal linkdance troupe to the United States, where she first met her future husband.

Olgivanna Hinzenberg (left) George Gurdjieff


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Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water 12inch (1970)
  • folk rock track _So Long Frank Lloyd Wright_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache by Simon & Garfunkel off of _Bridge Over Troubled Water_ 12″ (1970)
    • At the end of the song while Art is repeating “so long, so long, so long”, Paul can be heard in the background saying “So long already, Artie!”
  • Lincoln Logs were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son.
  • IDM track _Environmental Architecture_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache(26:31)(37.5megs) by Lemon Sol off of _Environmental Architecture_ CD on Guerilla #014 (1994)
  • film internal link_Gattaca_(vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache:The Gattaca building (interiors and exteriors) is, in internal linkreality, the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, CA. It was designed by American  architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957. The largest Wright design ever constructed, it was largely built after his death in 1959. The central dome (prominent in the roof-cleaning scene) contains the county internal linklibrary.


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