Hagbard Celine

Hagbard Celine
This nOde last updated December 2nd, 2001 and is permanently morphing…
(10 Aknal (Night) / 1 Mak –

fusion telex
HAGBARD CELINE [19  -1989]- Handle of Karl Koch, a German internal linkhacker and member of the internal linkChaosComputer Club. Mentally unstable, in part due to his heavy use of drugs. Committed suicide (probably; murder has been suggested) by dousing himself in gasoline and setting himself on fire on the twenty-third of the month, fulfilling _The internal linkIlluminatus!Trilogy_’s quote that “All the great anarchists died on the internal link23rd day of some month or other,” and the recurrence of the number 23. [Handle comes one of the characters in _The Illuminatus! Trilogy_atomjacked inventory cacheby Robert Shea and internal linkRobert Anton Wilson, a Discordian anarchist pirate; unlike most hackers who take handles from internal linkSci-Fi, Koch believed he actually was the protagonist of the novel.]


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