Hans Moravec

Hans Moravec

Hans Moravec
This nOde last updated November 21st, 2001 and is permanently morphing…
(12 Eb (Skull) – 10 Ceh (Red) –

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the director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

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    •  _Mind Children_
      • book was used as a source for internal linkStanley Kubrick on his project internal link_A.I._ (never completed).  He consulted Hans Moravec extensively.
    • A study of internal link_True Names_, Vernor Vinge’s critically acclaimed novella that invented the concept of cyberspace, features that complete text of the novella, as well as articles by Richard Stallman, John Markoff, Hans Moravec, Patricia Maes, Timothy May, and other cyberspace pioneers.
    Stanley Kubrick

    fusion telex
    “we’re not really biological creatures anymore… most of what we pass on to our children is culture, internal linklibraries.”

    “Don’t worry, you’ll learn to like robots. They’ll be nicer than human beings.”

    fusion telex
    Hans Moravec’s new book, “Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind” [Oxford University Press; 227 pp, .  ISBN 0-19-511630-5]

    “Back on planet earth, technology will arrive at the point where we can dispense with our bodies so that we can have our brains placed in a vat that will electronically stimulate them ad internal linkinfinitum.”


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