Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini
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Houdini, Harry

Houdini (h¡-dê´nê), Harry
American magician known for his escapes from chains, handcuffs, straitjackets, and padlocked containers.

Houdini, Harry

Houdini, Harry, (1874-1926), American magician. He was born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary. His family immigrated to the United States when he was a child and settled in Appleton, Wisconsin. Houdini took his professional name from French magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. He began his career in 1882 as a trapeze performer and later became famous for performing internal linkmagic. He was able to free himself from handcuffs, ropes, locked trunks, and many types of bonds. Houdini attributed his magic to natural, physical effects and explained how many of his tricks were performed. His writings include Miracle Mongers and Their Methods (1920) and A Magician Among the Spirits (1924).

Theater and Film, internal link1900

“The Great Houdini” gains wide publicity by executing an escape from London’s Scotland Yard, becomes a main attraction at London’s Alhambra Theatre, and begins a 4-year tour of the Continent. U.S. escape artist Ehrich Weiss, 26, has adopted the name Houdini from the French magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin; having studied Robert-Houdin’s work, his book The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin in 1908 will show that the Frenchman’s dexterity was much exaggerated, and he will far surpass Robert-Houdin’s reputation with feats such as having himself shackled in irons, locked into a roped and weighted box, dropped overboard from a boat, and emerging with a internal linksmile before baffled audiences.

Theater and Film, 1926

Harry Houdini makes headlines August 6 by remaining underinternal linkwater for 91 minutes in an airtight case containing only enough air to sustain a man for 5 or 6 minutes. The 52-year-old escape artist has practiced breath control and has remained absolutely still in order to minimize his oxygen consumption, but the Great Houdini suffers a subsequent stomach injury and dies of peritonitis October 31.

Houdini (noun)

escaper: escape artist, escapologist, Houdini

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Harry Houdini broke, injured, or sprained nearly every part of his body during the course of his escape-artist career.  One of the worst injuries he sustained was when he was performing a rope tie in Pittsburgh.   He had a longshoreman come on stage and tie him tightly.  Houdini was tied so tightly his kidney was ruptured.   For about a week, he was urinating blood.

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Cursive-Eastern Youth - Eight Teeth To Eat You on Better Looking-Five One Inc (2002) Veruca Salt - Eight Arms To Hold You on Outpost (1997)


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  • he was a internal linkfreemason
  • death metal track _Escape Artist_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Darkest Hour off of _Mark Of The Judas_ on Mia (2000)
  • reference in track _High Plains Drifter_ by internal linkBeastie Boys off of _Paul’s Boutique_ cassetteatomjacked inventory cache
  • post rock track _How I Blew It With Houdini_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache by Long Fin Killie off of _Houdini_ on Too Pure (1995)
  • indie math rock track _Escape Artist_ MP3 (160k)atomjacked inventory cache by Cursive off of internal link_Eight Teeth To Eat You_ split with Eastern internal linkYouth on Better Looking/Five One Inc. (2002)
    • title is in reference to hard rock release _Eight Arms To Hold You_ by Veruca Salt on Outpost (1997)

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In 1910, Magician Harry Houdini purchased a Voisin biplane in Germany. He had the plane dismantled and shipped to internal linkAustralia, where he planned an extended tour. His plane was the first flown in Australia, and he was the first to pilot a plane there. Interestingly, he taught himself how to drive a car during that internal linktime, so that he could get out to the airfield. After his Australian tour, Houdini abandoned the plane and coincidentally, also never
drove again.

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Houdini was born Erich Weiss.  In the early 1900’s while performing on the vaudeville circuit, Houdini worked with a couple named Keaton. Their young son Joseph was intrigued by Houdini’s magic, and Houdini was quite taken with the boy.  Houdini nicknamed him “Buster”, and the name stuck, explaining how Buster Keaton, the famous film comedian, got his name.


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