Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly
This nOde last updated January 20th, 2004 and is permanently morphing…
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authored internal link_Out of Control_atomjacked inventory cache

Out Of Control by Kevin Kelly

editor in chief  of internal link_WIRED_ magazine in 1998

“An event is not triggered by a chain of being, but by a field of causes spreading horizontally, like creeping tide. “
– –Kevin Kelly

The “I” of a internal linkvivisystem is a ghost. Like the internal linktransient form of a whirlpool held upright by a million spinning atoms of internal linkwater, it can be scattered with a fingertip. – Kevin Kelly

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I am unqaulified to be doing what I do. I am a internal linkcollege dropout. I went to Asia instead of college. I spent the 1970s, off and on, roaming remote parts of Asia as a photographer. I now have 36,000 slides of an Asia that is no longer, and a great appreciation of the ephemeral nature of civilizations.  (Kevin Kelly)

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At today’s rates of internal linkcompression, you could download the entire 3 billion digits of your internal linkDNA onto about four CDs. That 3-gigabyte genome sequence represents the prime coding internal linkinformation of a human body — your life as numbers. Biology, that internal linkpulsatingmass of plant and animal flesh, is conceived by science today as an information internal linkprocess. As computers keep shrinking, we can internal linkimagine our complex bodies being numerically condensed to the size of two tiny cells. These micro-internal linkmemory devices are called the egg and sperm. They are packed with information.

That life might be information, as biologists propose, is far more intuitive than the corresponding idea that hard matter is information as well. When we bang a knee against a table leg, it sure doesn’t feel like we knocked into information. But that’s the idea many physicists are formulating. (Kevin Kelly)

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