St. Eom

St. Eom

This nOde last updated June 15th, 2001 and is permanently morphing…
(9 Ben (Reed)/9 Aj (Cane) – 113/260 –

fusion telex
Eddie Owens Martin (a.k.a. “Saint EOM” The “E” is silent, so it’s pronounced like the ancient Eastern chant internal linkOmAum..., or the unit of internal linkelectrical resistance, ohm.), created a realm  called “Pasaquan,” and it exists right now, off the main post-modern American highways on the far and isolated edge of the Wild and Eccentric Side of the Southern Paradox, in Marion County, Ga.

One day more than 50 years ago Martin heard a voice, from “the spirit world,” and that voice told him, “You’re gonna’ be the start of somethin’ new, and you’re gonna  be called a Pasaquoyan, and your name will be Saint EOM.”

“I heard that voice a  long internal linktime before I knew any  Spanish,” St. EOM  explained, “but later I found out that past means pass’ in  Spanish. And I found out that a quan’ is an Oriental word that means bringin’ the past and the future
together, so you can derive  the benefits of the past by  bringin’ it into the future.’  And so I call myself a  Pasaquoyan, and this place is called Pasaquan, where the past and the present and  the future and everything else come together.”

– _St. EOM And The Land Of Pasaquan_ by Tom Patterson 1987


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