‘decay 2.0’ mixtape featuring ‘You Can’t Murder My Soul’

‘decay 2.0’ mixtape by Follow The Sparrow w/ electric caves/ intrinsik-ajna/ zenana missions/ emre sevindik/ owlfood/ bdm/ vortex rikers/ guitaressen/ sleeping rivers/ sons & bitches/. Big ups to blue dressed man for curating such collaborative dark pieces, i’m honored that my music is incorporated into such creative avenues.


The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet

Luminokaya lab

The Summer Solstice was this past saturday night and I spent the night in Times Square to the visionary sounds of Meshuggah at Best Buy Theatre. The performance was nothing short of transcendental and one of the best sets I have ever seen them play. A block away, thousands gathering for a mass Yoga practice celebrating the Solstice… all around the venue was the channeling of the energy combined with the futuristic technological hub that is Times Square.

Luminokaya lab has been providing all visual representation of the band since their 2012 album ‘Koloss” including all stage art. The artwork combined with an insane light presentation led for a truly psychedelic journey when accompanied  with Meshuggah’s  own brand of geometric sound hypnosis.

From their website:

“Art-project Luminokaya lab. appeared as a result of a huge amount of data coming from the great field of energy and information in forms of light and energy waves, visions, images, dream-state objects, trans personal visions and visions beyond personality, and also symbols, signs and channeling. The vast amount of information offered by The Space didn’t allow to ignore this exciting and rich experience.
My input was minimized to pressing the keyboard keys, and the awareness of infinity and abundance of the info-energy continuum can let me speak only about being a channel, or a medium. So, there can’t be any question of authorship.
Let this art-information be a little contribution to the process of uniting people of light and realizing our
light-carrying potential!
For the benefit of all beings.”


The Last Word

Markant – M-05

Rocawear – Subliminal Advertising – Vibe Magazine

Look closely at the girl in the right, see how she stands out from the rest?


A closer look... "I'M STILL NOT LISTENING!"

Corporate Mind Control – Symbols In The Mind

Simon Malls ALL across the United States


Psychological Warfare – The Art Of Corporate Mind Control

Corporate America and Ancient Symbols: The Practice Of Modern Mind-Control: Part 1

This will be an ongoing addition to ‘The Symbols In The Mind’ category. ‘Open Your Eyes’ and include some pictures of your own…

Coca-Cola sign; Tom LaSala

Coca-Cola Sign, Simon Malls.

Bloomindale's roof, roosevelt field, tom lasala

Bloomindale's ceiling; Roosevelt Field, NY.

diesel, roosevelt field, simon mall, tom lasala

Diesel; Roosevelt Field, NY.