Azusa Plane // Jason DiEmilio // Underground Musical Tragedy


The Azusa Plane was the psychedelic music recording and performance project of Jason DiEmilio (1970 – 2006) of Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania


When Everyday Sound Becomes Torture:  most hellish thing about hyperacusis is that it renders the slightest mundane sound so unbearably loud that suicide seems like the only relief

Article @ buzzfeed:

On November 1, 2006, DiEmilio’s suicide was reported by Pitchfork Media. Many other music web sites noted his death. He had suffered from tinnitus and hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to sound) for several years, as well as from depression. He was living and working in New York City at the time. His story was told in more detail in a piece entitled “Noise Kills: When Everyday Sound Becomes Torture,” published in BuzzFeed



‘The Magic Of Decay’ mixtape featuring ‘Oversocialized’

‘the magic of decay’ v.1.0
mixtape feat.:
pax loyu/ blue dressed man/ sleeping rivers/ electric caves/ zenena missions/

Zoviet France

A few months back my buddy, Tim Donovan of 310 sent a Zoviet France record over my way. It really changed my whole approach to making new music and let me look at my own strengths more. These guys are one of the most underrated electronic acts of all time, and everything they have ever done is beautiful, dark, and moving. Honestly have been going through a lot in my personal life and this music has been helping me see the light at the end of this journey of life.


Swans – The Apostate 2012 – Live

Michael Gira – Savage Republic Interview

SWANS Interview with Michael Gira by Ethan Port (Mr. E – Savage Republic – from on Vimeo.

Genesis P. Orridge – Annihilating Reality

In some of the live TG recordings, you sound as if you’re possessed or speaking in tongues. It’s pure glossalalia.

That’s right. And in that sense there was a certain considered selfishness which is “I want to find out what this feels like. I want to see what happens to me.” The best way to finance and to execute this is to have live situations to do it. Plus, I’m curious to see what happens to other people. So hey, guess what, a gig is a great way to do that and that’s why we did so few. Cause it wasn’t the primary reason, it was just one of the reasons we did it. Chris and I, in particular, did that stuff, in the Death Factory, to each other a lot any way. He had moments when he had tunnel vision, couldn’t walk or stand up straight and so on from certain frequencies we hit. And there were times when we left the equipment running itself, a bit like [Lou Reed’sMetal Machine Music (laughs) for two or three days to see what happened when it was just there and we came and went and did other tasks but the same loops were just going and going and going and going and going in order to see what happened to our brains. Or not. It was a chaotic, in the best sense of chaotic . . . a chaotic research lab.

“Cultural engineer” is a term often used to describe you. There’s a great moment on Heathen Earth when you say: “You should always aim to be as skillful as the most professional of government agencies. The way you live, conceive and market what you do should be as well thought out as a government coup. It’s a campaign, it has nothing to do with art.” Were music and art, when viewed as the propaganda platforms of popular culture, merely means to an end for you? Do you look at over 3 decades of your career and the various “movements” you’ve been closely associated with or helped birth –performance art, industrial music, rave culture–and see a fairly straight trajectory?

Do you want to know what, for me, the goal is? It’s basically a sequence: art, music, literature –divinity. The whole point of any project is to get to the point where some form of 21st century philosophical meta-PHYSICAL manual can be assembled from the detritus of all the work, that is functionally useful and inspiring to other people. I want to write a really, really good book of amusingly arcane ideas, that could help some people come to terms with and be blessed by the weird mystery of being alive. That’s what I want to do. There’s nothing else to discuss in life. That’s the only point. Why we exist. What “being” is. Is there a purpose and if there is a purpose how do we achieve it? That’s the only topic of interest. That’s it. End of story. “Entertainment” has never been of interest to me, as such (laughs)!

I’m a fanatic, a compulsive fanatic. I far as I was concerned commitment to the project is the most important thing at any given time. I think some people find that hard to live with, I think some people don’t believe it. And I think some people just get tired. And that’s all reasonable. Those are all reasonable responses, aren’t they?

For me, being a romantic, the reasons for something and the long term altruism, the metaphysics, is the only thing that truly gives me creative pleasure and gets me feeling it’s worth the effort and without that, it’s just more . . . stuff. There are very few people who are prepared to truly give their life to an idea, come what may, and be prepared to fight countries and governments and global cultural imprints. Indefinitely. Maybe for no financial or egocentric reward, you know? There aren’t many around. Not that that means there should be . . .

You’re sort of the grand old man of the counter-culture now that William BurroughsAllen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary have died. Higher evolutionary DNA has not seemed to produce many ‘rebel philosopher’ types in any great number . . .

Seems that way. Maybe that’s just the balance of things. Maybe that’s how the mutant gene pool works. I imagine that the next challenge will be becoming “beyond human.” Working towards the next species and moving towards the portal of the inconceivable without fear or expectation. That’s the door I wish to pass through. I’m up for change and adventure and I’m in it for the duration.

“I am in interested individual people who do very strong work” – M. Gira

“It’s best to do your work, care about your work and if you find an audience… that’s good”

Taxi Driver & It’s influence on Post-Industrial Music

Swans is long known for the dreary landscape they lay out for their listeners. Personally, I prefer blasting swans while driving patiently a long Long Island roadways, roadways reminiscent of our stay here on earth. The ‘Alphabet City’ in Manhattan (circa 80’s & early 90’s) will forever be captured in the realm of Swans, the mind of Michael Gira. Below, Gira talks of how the essence of Taxi Driver pushed him to New York City to create some of the darkest truthful music to hit our ear drums. At 6:32 he explains:

Are you really surprised that Taxi Driver heavily influenced this artist? At 2:21 he details:

Oh, Reznor.

The Most Influential ‘Hippie’ from the 60’s


Gira lived with his parents in a relatively affluent suburb of Los Angeles, California though they divorced when he was a young teenager. After staying with his alcoholic mother for much of his youth, he was sent to live with his father inIndiana and then Paris.

He ran away from home and hitch-hiked across Europe (including Istanbul and India), and was finally arrested for selling drugs in Israel. Although he was only a teenager at the time, he was placed in an adult prison for four and a half months.[3] His father found Gira with the aid of Interpol and sent him back to the United States.

The Legend Lives on…

“Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine. Be active or abdicate. The future is in your hands.”
― Milton William CooperBehold a Pale Horse

“For many years the secret government has been importing drugs and selling them to the people mainly the poor, and minorities.
Social welfare programs were put into place to create a dependent, non-working element in our society. The government then began to remove these programs to force people into a criminal class that did not exist in the ’50s and ’60s.
The government encouraged the manufacture of and importation of military firearms for criminals to use. This is intended to force to a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against fire arms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-Gun lobby.

This plan is well under way and so far is working perfectly. (It is working I’d say.) The middle class is begging the government to do away with the second amended. ” end quote.

Let me remind you this was all written before the Columbine massacre. Which the gunman child was on Prozac, according to Cooper a mind control drug, and very dangerous to take, then goes on to site several other similar incidents of which the suspect was on Prozac.

I myself have noticed how they are really pushing Prozac on TV! I think ABC got shares in it. In poorer neighborhoods I see billboards on buses, and train stops. Soon if you are not taking it you are the odd one. What the heck is going on! Are we being implanted with mind control substances that are in the drugs like Prozac, that can be controlled by a device outside our bodies? Do I have too much time on my hands?;)

Next he warns of something else.

“Due to the wave of crime sweeping the nation, the media will convince the American people that a state of anarchy exists within the major cities. They are now building their case nightly on the news and in newspapers. When public opinion has been won to this idea, they intended to state that a terrorist group armed with a nuclear weapons has entered the United States and that they plan to detonate this device in one of our cities. (This has been going on for I’d say the last few years.) This is now been set up by the crisis in the Middle East. The government will then suspend the Constitution and declare Marshall Law. “

Witnessed Event: U.S. Naval Intelligence Gathering
After graduating from high school, William Cooper joined the U.S. Air Force and later the U.S. Navy. He served in the Vietnam War and then worked for Naval Security and Intelligence. Cooper gained notoriety after publishing a book titled Behold a Pale Horse. The text documents various UFO and paranormal activities he encountered while serving for Naval Intelligence. It examines government corruption, secret societies, and a collection of conspiracy theories. In the 1990s, William Cooper became a popular speaker on the UFO lecture circuit. He was the host of a worldwide shortwave radio show named Hour of the Time.

William Cooper was the first person to provide evidence of explosive material inside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. He publicly identified the type of explosives used in the Oklahoma City bombing. In his early writings, Cooper was convinced that the United States was hiding evidence of alien technology. Towards the end of his life Cooper turned his attention towards covert government programs and the militia movement. He became an outspoken critic of U.S. government abuses. William Cooper felt that the UFO phenomenon was a misinformation campaign organized to hide secret military operations. He asserted that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is actually the same organization as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Cooper felt the two organizations were involved in a broad, premeditated conspiracy to defraud the Citizens of the United States of America.
William Cooper produced several documentaries covering subjects such as the John F. Kennedy assassination and government black projects. He felt that JFK was shot and killed by his driver, a man named William Greer. In the Zapruder film Greer can be seen turning towards Kennedy the moment before he receives the fatal head wound. Following the death of her husband, Jacqueline Kennedy was bitterly critical of William Greer’s performance. William Cooper suggested that Jacqueline was attempting to get away from William Greer when she famously jumped on the back of the vehicle following the assassination. In the Zapruder film, Greer’s recorded front to back movement is extremely abnormal. The tape shows evidence of possible tampering.
In June 2001, three months before 9/11, William Cooper warned publicly about an important terrorist attack on United States, that would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. During his June 28 broadcast, William Cooper said “I’m telling you be prepared for a major attack. But it won’t be Osama Bin Laden. It will be those behind the New World Order.” On 9/11 Cooper said “what we’re witnessing today is most probably the herald of the, at least, the redefinition of freedom, and probably its death.”

William Cooper was charged with various crimes in his lifetime, including tax evasion from 1992 to 1994, and bank fraud for giving false information on a loan application. In July and September 2001, Cooper was accused of brandishing a handgun near his home in Eagar, Arizona. On November 6, 2001, two months after September 11, William Cooper was fatally shot by a large collection of Arizona deputies who were attempting to serve him an arrest warrant. According to police accounts, Cooper, who was physically disabled, fled officers and pulled out a weapon. A gun fight ensued and William Cooper was killed. A deputy was critically injured in the incident.