08.29.14 – Kreators – Mount Sinai, NY.



Hendrix live feat. Jim Morrison @ The Scene, NYC. 1968

“Bleeding Heart is a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix released officially in 1994 by Castle Communications.[1] The album documents Hendrix’s jam session at The Scene club, 301 West 46th Street, New York City in March 1968, with guest vocals from Jim Morrison (that consist almost entirely of drunkenly shouted obscenities). Other musicians on the recordings are unknown, though it is possible that the bassist is Randy Hobbs and the drummer is Randy Zehringer, members of The Scene’s house band at the time. It has been rumored that Noel Redding andJohnny Winter also appear. In the case of Redding, this is definitely untrue. Winter himself has denied that he took part in the jam, saying he never met Jim Morrison, although at times during the recording a second lead guitar (at a lower volume than Hendrix’s) can be heard playing in anelectric blues style.

Bleeding Heart was released at various times in the past under various names including High, Live ‘n Dirty (1978),[2] Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead (1980, with covertext by Tony Brown, who claimed this was the ‘first genuine release’ of these recordings ‘thanks to Peter Shertser’, published by Surprise Records in Brussels (Belgium). Tracking list is unaltered, but for the ‘Woke up one morning (…) title: this now reads ‘Wake up this morning and you find yourself dead’.)’, Sunshine of Your LoveSky HighLive at the Scene ClubRed HouseNew York Sessions and Tomorrow Never Knows, though all were unofficial releases.”

OCCUPY SF brutality…


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“If they do not do what you tell them, strike them.”


HERE: A dialog between Robert Hunter and Terence McKenna

The Challenge

Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity

Goodbye July…

“my mind is made up, dont confuse me with facts…It might actually cause people to wake up to the abuse and scam of the late modernism and inherent contiuation of capitalism.”

-T. McKenna

Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness

“We need endless amounts of research. Theres a lack of impact on the effects on society and human beings.’

Information Overload

Swans – God Loves America

Culture Is your operating system…

“We should all aspire to make this upgrade. It’s important that you have all the bells and whistles on your operating system…What’s wrong with the operating system we have right now? Consumer Capitalism 5.0 or whatever it is. Well it’s dumb, its retro. It’s very non-competitive, its messy, it wastes the environment, its wastes human resources, its inefficient, it runs on stereotypes, it runs on a low sampling rate. Which is what creates stereotypes, low sampling rates make everyone seem alike. When in fact the glory is in everyones differences, and the current operating system is flawed. It actually has bugs in it which generate contradictions.”