Waiting 02:53
Natives 05:08
High Hopes 05:29


‘Waiting’ feels like you were dropped off in some abandon mental institution and upon entering you hear some eerie musical ambiance in the distance. You are intrigued to find where the source of this sound generates and protrude into every room closer and closer to its proximity… and just when you think you’ve found the source at the foot of it’s door, it disappears into the cold, dreary darkness in the realms of human torture and control. – Rik Clay of The Cosmic Mind “A Breathtaking Landscape” 
A really great album. A soundtrack for the thinkers that challenges the media, the overabundance of technology, and the definitions of personal freedoms. Informative, experimental, and aesthetically satisfying. There is an appreciation for the use of psychedelics while acknowledging our global responsibility. – Mike Lisse “I’m a big fan of ‘real’ mind-altering music. To me the problem with most of this kind of music, is that the truly spicy stuff, often is also very dark. I find that frightning ’cause this music can, if you allow it, get into your mind and emotional state in a very intense way. Now it’s great if what you allow to get in is the good aspects. Most of the material in those days were made by lost, frustrated, and desperate people, so often is their music. A truly dark psychedelic piece can sort of get to you and make you feel that dark nastiness. Maybe that’s the problem overly sensitive people like me have to deal with, just like the darker trips… not all of us can handle them. The material on this album struck me as intensively trippy and creepy.” -The Psychedelic Review “NOW, That sounds really cool..Great acoustic riffing with no disscernable arrangement, stream of consciousness repitition … much like early pink floyd with syd barret where it was just following a meter or a timing that goes off in different directions” – Armin Sori, Fan review


released 11 November 2011 
Written, recorded and mixed by Tom LaSala 
Recorded at The Furnace in East Meadow, NY & 
John Coltrane’s House in Dix Hill’s NY 
Additonal pre-production at Hit And Run Studios with Scott Gross. Mastered by Tim Donovan 

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